Weird and wacky wedding proposals

I just came across this nifty infographic about the world’s wackiest, weirdest and wonderful wedding proposals, and thought I’d share it with you guys, as well as contribute my own little story. I have a friend called Tony (not his real name), who was engaged to a girl called Christina (not her real name). He lives in Cambridge, England, which, if you don’t know, is a place famous for, amongst other things, punting. Don’t know what punting is? It’s messing around on boats.

Anyway, Tony devised a treasure hunt for Christina around Cambridge that ended up on a punt. He proposed to her on the river Cam. Every girl who hears this story reacts in the same way: ‘awww!’. Guys tend not to be romantic, but can still appreciate the effort Tony went to. After all, you do only marry once…At least, that’s the theory.

Another half-story. I have a friend who I know has recently proposed to his girlfriend, but I don’t know how he proposed, exactly. However, what’s interesting is thinking about how he might have done it, as he was always very influenced by American sitcoms and chick flicks. I’m betting it was something pretty special! I will find out when I next see him.

Do you have a wedding proposal story to share?

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