MyLife Review

Just about every person has, at one time or another, wanted to find someone from their past, whether that be a lost love, long lost relative or a childhood friend.  There are many places online where people can go to search for the people of their past, but these places are not without their problems. Take social networks, for instance. Some people have their profiles set to private so that nobody can search for their names or others have gotten married and now have a completely different last name. There is one place people can go to if you they want to effortlessly find the people of their past. All it requires is that they know the zip code the person they are looking for once used.

MyLife’s zip code directory offers users something that has never been seen before: a way to look up anyone with just the last known zip code. The system is very easy and inexpensive to use. When you click through to the directory, you will find an extensive list of zip codes. Find the range you are looking for and click on it and you will be taken to the exact zip codes. Once you have located the exact zip code, a new window opens with name ranges of people who live within that zip code. As the name ranges appear, you can click on any range to see all of the names in the menu. Once you have found the name you are looking for, there is a list of matching results of all of people with that name in that zip code. Once you have the person you are looking for on your screen, you can either log-in with your MyLife account or you can create a free account which will give you access to the person’s profile.

Your free MyLife account will provide you with basic information, such as the person’s current location and relatives. If you want their full profile, which includes current address, phone number, email address and social network profiles, you can choose one of two available inexpensive membership options which will provide you with all of the information you could possibly need need on as many people as you wish. All in all, this is the best and most inexpensive way to locate people from your past.

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