Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows her spots at JFK airport

We’ve been on the lookout for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley this week to see what new fashion trends she might be sporting. She was spotted at JFK airport in New York last week wearing a funky leopard print scarf and carrying an oversized leopard print bag, to go with her stylish black skinny jeans, classic olive green coat and finishing off the look with black suede boots.

Rosie’s fondness for a leopard print fashion theme can be attributed to her adoption a few months ago of a bobcat kitten, whom Rosie has named Vivienne. Bobcats grow to be twice the size of normal domestic cats and are classed as exotic pets. They are more challenging to look after than a regular cat as they require more space and freedom. They also need the opportunity to climb trees and to be outdoors more than the average domestic cat.

Rosie, who has been a model for both Victoria’s Secret and Burberry was seen in the airport wearing a stylish brown fedora. She was also noted to be without any make-up, showing off her natural beauty and youthful good looks. She tweeted a message to her twitter followers this week with a picture of herself and the comment “Dream big, follow your heart. Love RHW xx.”rosie huntington-whiteley leopard JFK airport

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