After Rosie comes Florence

Rosie’s little sister, Florence Huntington-Whiteley, is to feature in Jack Wills’ latest campaign. Could she be about to hit the big time?

Jack Wills is a preppy store filled with collegiate inspired clothing. It is often said to be the British version of Abercombie and Fitch.

In her campaign photo, Florence, who goes by the name Flo, sports red micro shorts and a pink shirt emblazoned “Jack Wills.” She is the perfect example of the kind of young, natural-looking beauties that Jack Wills love to show off in their advertising.

Florence Huntington-Whiteley
Florence Huntington-Whiteley

Flo will be traveling around the world with others selected by Jack Wills to promote the brand at sponsored parties. Flo recently tweeted about partying with the Kuwait-based Jack Wills team. Talk about going global!

This is the first significant fashion campaign that Flo has been involved in. Who knows what she will do next? Why not follow her on Twitter at @florenceahw to find out?!  If her older sister’s career is anything to go by, we can expect exciting things from it.

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